Rothicka is a name Ive had since I started Rothick art haus, my gallery in Anaheim, California. Years of running a gallery, working with many different artists has given me a love for gallery walls, jigsawed artwork of all kinds curated to concepts and themes. In 2015 I began to live part time in the desert out by Joshua Tree, it had a profound impact on the direction of my art. My husband and I both decided it was time to close the gallery and move on to enjoying our own art projects. We begun to spend more and more time at Dsrt Haus which we treated like a shrine to our own creativity. My art now reflects life in the desert, many pieces are inspired by flea market finds or have an esoteric style thats reflective of the natural spirituality of the desert. I love textures and patterns with vintage appeal, creating wall hangings with macrame, tassel, moss, garland or painting murals. Ultimately I enjoy interior design projects where I can combine all of the above into an eclectic thought provoking arrangements creating a unique ambiance.